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mrave brojim

Mrave brojim is a band from Rijeka, Croatia, founded in 2018 by Zoran Klasić Klas, a former long-time member of the iconic Croatian bands Grč and Let 3. In addition to Klas (vocals, guitar, programming), the current lineup of the band also includes Neira Mušić (guitar, synth, backing vocals). Mrave Brojim represents a unique blend of alternative, indie, and psychedelic rock. With their sonic and visual performances, they take us on a distinctive journey to the very edge of the surreal, orange space where they are much more than gracious hosts.
In 2020, their single "Alcohol" entered the final of the prestigious Milan Mladenović award for the selection of the best song in the region in the current year.
In 2021, they have released an album "Zemlja Kamenog Bizona" (Land of the Rocky Buffalo) under Dallas Records, which received positive reviews from music experts as well as the wider audience.
In 2021, they won the Ri Rock statue award for the best performer.
In 2022, horrified by the invasion of Ukraine , just 15 days from the beginning of the war, they published one of the first anti-war songs "Yana brani Ukrajinu" (Yana defends Ukraine), dedicated to the victims of the war-affected areas in Ukraine.
At the beginning of 2023, they published the 2nd single the Samoubojica (Suicide Man), for which was also recorded an interesting video clip.
In 2024, they drop their third single and music video named Petak ('Friday'), with Antun (IDEM) joining them in the studio as a guest on trombone